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PoC and MVP development of custom LLM-based software.

Web application development services.

Guide idea transformation into functional AI MVP.

Ensure MVP is well-structured and continuously updated.

Our Development Services

Langchain Development Services

Build software to understand meaning, and converse in text using your companies data without privacy risks.

Web Application Development

Build full stack applications to transform your organisation. We use AI-tools ourselves to reduce development time by upto 35 percent.

AI Agents

Get access to our AI agents such as our AI sales agent Mickey that automatically gets you leads, reaches out to them, and sets up appointments.

On Demand IT Resources

Dynamically scale your tech team without the overhead of hiring and managing permanent staff, ideal for project specific requirements.

MVP Development

Accelerate your product launch with our MVP development services. Utilizing agile principles to quickly build and iterate on minimal viable products, ensuring you efficiently validate your business concepts with real user feedback.

UI/UX design

Craft engaging and intuitive user experiences with our custom UI/UX design services. We focus on creating user-centered interfaces that streamline interaction and enhance user satisfaction, helping your team concentrate on strategic initiatives.

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Case Studies

AI sales agent Mickey

AI sales agent Mickey

Mickey is the first AI employee designed to automatically contact relevant prospects and schedule meetings directly in your calendar.

Our vision is to integrate AI agents to work alongside humans, enhancing productivity across all organizational levels.

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The Playbook

The Playbook

The Playbook comprises a suite of generative AI-based solutions built for The Entourage, Australia's largest community of business owners.

The Entourage has extensive experience in transforming businesses and elevating them to new heights.

Our Solutions for them include RAG (retrieval augmented generation) based chatbots, AI agents using external tools, and data-driven support for management consultants.

These innovations help The Entourage retain clients and maintain their place as the leading provider of business coaching and management consultancy in Australia.

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Chatboat.ai revolutionizes customer support by reducing wait times to seconds and handling 85% of customer inquiries with generative AI.

Completed and launched MVP for our client in record speed, in under 30 days

We focused on user-friendly design and robust functionality to ensure ease of use for people with minimal technical knowledge.

The platform is scalable and versatile, enhancing customer service operations and providing valuable insights through data analysis.

The result is increased user engagement and satisfaction due to the simplicity and efficiency of the service.

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- Business Coach at the Entourage

"I love the playbook!!!! It is such a time saver. And instant accountability."

Tim Morris
- CEO at the Entourage and Agentsy.ai

"Shashank was able to build anything I threw at him, he did a great job figuring everything out and making it happen."

Kevin Marsh
- Founder of ChatBoat.ai

"We reached out to CodeRustlers with a vision and a critical timeframe, and they met our tight deadlines allowing us to quickly iterate and validate our product market fit hypothesis, and launch our product successfully."